Alcohol Abuse and Divorce

The ABS found that 49 per cent of women who had experienced an assault in the preceding 12 months where the perpetrator was male, stated that alcohol or drugs had contributed to the most recent incident[1] Consistent with most other studies of marriage breakdown, Burns 1984; Eells and O’Flaherty 1996; Wolcott 1984; Ponzetti et al. 1992 all found that Alcoholism related abuse resulted in approximately 7.4% of all marriage breakdowns.

Statistics show, 11 per cent of women and 3 per cent of men reported alcohol or drug abuse as the main reason for divorce (Kitson and Sussman 1982; Cleek and Pearson 1985).

Australia had a total of  48,517 divorce cases in 2015; meaning we can make a conservative estimate to establish that alcohol related abuse had a role in wrecking 3590.258 families every year.


1: ABS, Personal safety survey Australia 2005 (reissue), op. cit. p. 29.

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