The Stars and Crosses of Australia

Our flag shows the stars which do sparkle at night, in our Southern Cross so true.
In its corner, are three Christian crosses — the red and the white upon blue.
They’re for England and Ireland and Scotland, who sent to the ends of the earth
the rogues and the schemers and doers and dreamers who gave our Australia her birth
Yet all who detest our three crosses, just don’t want to understand
that they show us our law and our language, and faith in the God of our land.
For people galore will still tell you, when Europe was plunged into night —
those crosses right there in the corner, gave hope of more freedom and light.
So they certainly mean no allegiance, to a bygone imperial scene.
For our stars show us where we are going — and our crosses show where we have been.

Rev. Dr. David Mitchell

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