Eureka Youth League

The Eureka Youth League seeks to suppliment and offer assistance to pre-existing youth organisations that embody the true Australian spirit and National Identity; we further wish to establish new fraternal socities and nationalist clubs across the country for similarly-minded Youth to establish fruitful community ties and the capacity to take political action however they should choose.

The Eureka Youth League is a nation-wide network of fraternal organisations for young, white men in Australia. We have chapters in Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and smaller groups around regional New South Wales. My main goal in forming this organisation was to organise the traditionalist, nationalist christian youth of the country into private and safe social circles in which they can come togetherĀ for moral, financial and emotional self-improvement.

Our organisation also takes firm political stances for a White and Moral Australia and provides a platform for communication across the country for all its members. We are not an active street movement like its past iteration ; instead we provide a great deal of autonomy of each branch to carry on political activity at its own will – the main function of the organisation is that of a fraternal organisation, not a political party or rabble-rousing street fighters.